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​Jiajing Bee Farm

Phone: 0935-059747
Address: No. 16-3, Xinguang Road, Xinzhi Village, Wanluan Township, Pingtung County. Business Projects: Red Chai Honey, Longan Honey, Lychee Honey, White Flower Honey, Ujiu Honey, Pollen, Royal Jelly and other products
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The business opening hours are all made by appointment.

Unlike other apiaries, we choose to take care of the bees by ourselves. This is not only a careful management, but also can guarantee the quality of honey products. No special equipment is required to enter the apiary, and it can be safely entered under the leadership of the farm owner.

Tour/Experience Introduction

Bee Ecological Guide-Experience from the production area to the table

Honey Sandwich DIY

Beeswax DIY

Q&A assignment

Time: 09:30-16:00
600 yuan/adult, 400 yuan/person for children

(20 people in a group)

Beeswax DIY

Time: 1 hour
300 yuan/adult, 150 yuan/person for children

(20 people in a group)

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