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Sheep and Sheep Ranch

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Phone: 08-7834824/0989-323753
Address: No. 29-2, Zhongxing Road, Xinzhi Village, Wanluan Township, Pingtung County. Business items: hot pot, light meal, goat milk, steamed bread and other related goat milk products

It was originally a sheep shed for raising sheep. After the second-generation owner Chen Dehong took over, he transformed the pasture into a leisure industry with an idyllic courtyard landscaping, and used his own fresh goat milk to process a variety of buns, cheeses, and hot pots. Wait for delicacies, and add goat milk steamed buns DIY, so that friends of all sizes can experience the fun of making steamed buns for themselves!

Goat milk bun DIY

Use dough to make your own shaped buns. Combining the animals or shapes you want with dough of different flavors and colors is a fun and delicious activity.

Registration Information:
1. Appointment by phone
2. Cost: NT$200/person
3. At least two people

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