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​Dawushan Leisure Farm

Phone: 08-7920332
Accommodation: 0905-570882
Catering: 0928-708090
Address: No. 40, Laotan Lane, Wutan Village, Taiwu Township, Pingtung County
Business items: homestay, catering, red quinoa, coffee and other agricultural products
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This farm operates a characteristic homestay, which is a unique and good place to enjoy the glittering and magnificent night view, the colorful sunset, the golden sun of Dawu Mountain, the wild flowers and wild vegetables in the spring, the waterfalls in the summer and the waterfalls in the summer. Meteor shower enjoys the brightest Mid-Autumn Moon, watching the sea of clouds in winter to enjoy Acacia barbecue dinner, classic aboriginal cuisine, warm and rich moving hot pot.

Looking from the small balcony in the backyard, the river in the bay and the lush and tranquil mountain forest are really refreshing. You can see the squirrels in Dawu Mountain to tell you that you are safe.

In the morning, you can sleep until you wake up naturally, or you can get up early to walk the mountain trails and enjoy free aromatherapy-experience the beauty of lung decontamination. Take a deep breath of God brand aromatic essential oil, and then slowly exhale, hidden deep in the dirt at the end of the lung lobes. Here you can see Dawu Mountain up close and many towns and villages in Gaoping in the distance. The towering mountains, the hazy clouds and the breeze come slowly, and enjoy the feeling of being far away from the crowds. Let the mountain spring water wash away the worries caused by city life, and let the host warmly listen to you to take out the trash.

Here you can be alone quietly, but also full of joy. Meetings, reunions, field worship activities, etc.

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