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Eudora creative hand-made snacks

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Phone: 0926-126307
Address: No. 2-33, Wanxing Road, Wanjin Village, Wanluan Township, Pingtung County
Business items: hand-made biscuits batch/brand cooperation/all kinds of gift boxes/mid-autumn moon cakes

Purely handmade, with the highest quality, raw materials and construction methods, the deliciousness becomes the taste of life. We insist on carefully selecting the ingredients and reasonable prices, so that more people can also taste the hand-made desserts.

brand introduction

Choosing "Udora Handmade Dim Sum" as our own brand, originated from Greece, which symbolizes cute gifts. We hope that we can have a happy warmth with the beautiful handicrafts in the market, and make this simple and delicious Happiness is shared with more people through hand-made snacks. The hand-made snacks in the hands of Eudora’s happiness bring people a kind of happy warmth. By tasting hand-made snacks, the distance between people is getting closer and closer. Everyone can feel a kind of sweet warmth~ In the production process of Eudora, all high-quality raw materials are used, such as cocoa powder, raisins and cream, tea powder, etc., which are made from Europe, America and Japan. , New Zealand and other places imported raw materials, in addition to the production process, strict control, quality first. Creative customization: Eudora's intimate service! It can also be your best communication representative, but also the presentation of your exclusive creative ideas, which can turn your ideas into pieces of amazing hand-work snacks.

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