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Pingtung Farmer Honeysuckle

Phone: 0937-384919
Address: No. 2-50, Yihe Road, Erlun Village, Zhutian Township, Pingtung County
Business items: organic honeysuckle related products
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Pingtung Farmer's Honeysuckle Garden is planted for organic, healthy and maintenance purposes, and mainly produces honeysuckle related products. Honeysuckle is a good Chinese medicinal material, which has the effects of clearing away heat, detoxifying, and eliminating swelling and pain. Farmer Huang Ying provides everyone with organic, natural, and healthy honeysuckle as the concept, and promotes this natural and maintenance plant to everyone.

There are guided tours of the park, DIY honeysuckle tea bags, suitable for the whole family to visit. The park has honeysuckle related products that are produced, sold, safe, natural and healthy.

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