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Wushan Laotang Agricultural Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Phone: 0935-669533
Address: No. 270, Zhongxiao Road, Shuimen Village, Neipu Township, Pingtung County
Business items: mango, dried mango, lover fruit
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Who is Zhuo Annan? It is the first time I heard Zhuo Annan's three characters associate with a person's name. In fact, "it" is one of the mango varieties, also known as perfume mango and four seasons mango, which was introduced from Thailand. At present, it is successfully planted in Neipu, Pingtung, Taiwan. Cai Ruitang uses pruning and fertilization management methods to control flowering until July and August, and can be harvested from November to February, staggering the production period of soil mangoes and Aiwen mangoes, so we can eat them. Go to Wushan Laotang winter mango!

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