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Helen Nature Farm

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Phone: 07-2388029, 0935-821825
Address: No. 111, Fuxing Road, Jiazuo Village, Wanluan Township Business Project: Catering

The farm is located at the foot of Dawu Mountain in Wanluan, Pingtung. There are rural farmhouses and green spaces in the farm. Naturally cultivated chrysanthemum, various roses, flat lemons, vine grapes, golden pears and other kinds of fruit trees.
Engaged in the semiconductor industry for about 30 years. When I worked in Europe (Netherlands/France) in the early and mid- to late stages, I was yearning for European villages and farming. I hope to create a similar landscape in Pingtung County, Taiwan, instead of tin houses and high-rise buildings. Water tower, natural farming methods are oriented towards local crops, in addition to fresh fruits, the peel can be further processed and extracted to make health foods and skin care products

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