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Gengxin Botanical Garden

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Tel: 08-7836315, 0917-195680
Address: No. 27-3, Dalin Road, Wugou Village, Wanluan Township, Pingtung County
Business items: mysterious fruit, vine grape, Brazilian cherry, mysterious fruit enzyme, vine grape enzyme, enzyme handmade beauty soap

"Put the heart", the place where the soul is cultivated. Different plants are planted in the garden, including local varieties and foreign varieties (such as West African mysterious fruit, Brazilian cherry, xerophytic succulents). The owner enjoys living and growing together with plants, so he also hopes to make more Many people feel the spiritual communication between plants and people. With such a belief, they cultivated every piece of land with their heart, betting their enthusiasm for the land and dedication to a better life. The hands-on couple in Wugou Shui Hakka Village, Taiwan, warmly welcome everyone to come and visit!

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