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Peyaz Country House

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Phone: 0939-746966
Address: No. 180, Minhe Road, Wanluan Township, Pingtung County
Business items: French lunch & dinner, afternoon tea, homestay, European style painting teaching

The scenery of Southern France is the yearning of many people-this "Paiyashi Country House" in Wanluan was built completely according to the old house of the French male owner's hometown. The paintings drawn by the hostess herself; large lawns, romantic exotic atmosphere, plus delicious southern French country can experience it without going abroad. Generally speaking, the southern French country style is always inseparable from the lovely impression of rags and flowers. If you have such an imagination for "Peace Country House", you would be quite wrong.

The 5 guest rooms of Pei Yas Country Homestay are located on the second floor of the two main buildings; each room is named after the family’s French name. The warm atmosphere of the home makes people quite relaxing. From the guest’s small living room to the room, the furnishings and decorations, including tables, chairs, sofas, wooden cabinets, and even calligraphy and paintings hung on the wall, are in the right place, and the sense of time exudes, if not for the explanation of the hostess Mihui, It’s hard to imagine that these are the results of the couple picking up objects that others discarded and sorting out and transforming them—this is also because they didn’t expect to be used as a homestay one day. They just wanted to create a home suitable for themselves at the lowest cost. A space for people to live; now it has unexpectedly become a small place for families and friends to gather together.

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