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NTDTV Filming Promotion-Dawu Mountain Leisure Farm, Xiaoyao Villa

[Pingtung Homestay] Paiwan hostess and Rukai hostess introduced their culture in the guesthouse! The beautiful view from Dawu Mountain to Xiaoliuqiu + no menu dishes are too satisfying!

Go to Pingtung's Beida Wushan for one night and experience its humanity and nature.
The homestay jointly built by the host of Paiwan and the hostess of Rukai provides guests with a rich cultural experience and a rich aboriginal meal; when the clouds and mist are lingering, it is a paradise on earth, when the weather is clear, it is a stunning scenery, and there is a stop when you eat No menu dishes that do not come down satisfy the taste buds!
Stay a few more nights in Pingtung and enjoy a relaxing holiday~

NTDTV Filming Promotion-Keyin Mountain Cocoa Manor, Pingtung Farmer, Douqu Farm

[Pingtung Yanshan] Have you ever tried Ruby Chocolate, the fourth type of chocolate? Come to Pingtung Farm to find treasures with delicate honeysuckle and coffee beans!

Pingtung is rich in agricultural products and has a fascinating taste. Go to the production area to explore the secrets of deliciousness!
Taiwan's chocolate, which has won many international achievements, will let you know the life of cocoa from its origin to the finished product, as well as the ruby chocolate that has burst the hearts of girls!
The delicate honeysuckle has many magical uses, organically grown, it is safe and healthy for people to eat, and it is also a secret weapon for community development;
Go to the coffee garden to pick fruit, follow the second generation of farmers to understand the process from coffee berries to a cup of coffee, and taste the rich vine grapes.

NTDTV shooting promotion-Liudui Yageyuan Farm, Taiwan Jinshi Coffee, Wushan Laotang Farm

[Pingtung Mountain] Come to the organic farm, solar energy will help you cook your rice|Dawushan coffee roasting, brew your own|You can even eat fresh mangoes in winter!

Incarnate the princess red quinoa walks into the field to pull onions, pick corn, and home-made eco-bags, a nutritious breakfast from the place of production to the table; have a cup of coffee that absorbs the nutrients of Dawu Mountain, roast, brew, and enjoy it yourself The unique flavor of mangoes; there are mangoes to eat all year round~Growing mangoes to new heights, in addition to sweet and juicy, they are also on the international stage!

NTDTV Filming and Promotion-Sheep and Sheep Ranch, Qiankun Organic Ecological Farm

[Pingtung Yanshan] Go straight! Super popular non-toxic fruit farm, organic lunch comes by yourself! Goat Baa Baa Farm, your choice of goat milk dishes!

Discover the secret of a happy countryside in Yanshan Recreation Agriculture Zone! Plant the seeds of being kind to the land in your heart, and insist on operating in a friendly land way. The non-toxic and organic circular economy makes the people living on this land healthier and more energetic! Do you like sheep? Feed the goats and graze, make goat milk buns of various shapes, eat goat milk pot and various goat milk products, and walk into the Pingtung Mountain Recreational Agriculture Area where love and enthusiasm grow rich fruits.

Hakka TV "Fortune Comes to the South, Charm" Southern Chapter: Planting Pingtung Cocoa Dreams

In recent years, the summer has been getting hotter year after year. It really makes people want to have a smoothie to cool off at any time. This pink smoothie is really dreamy in color. Do you think this is a strawberry smoothie? Of course not! What exactly is this cup? Hurry up and invite our guest today, Big Brother Lin Bishan to answer for us!

In setting up this leisure manor, Brother Lin mainly wanted to promote the cocoa crop. In fact, cocoa and chocolate contain many ingredients, which are good for human health. Cocoa is very pleasing whether it is used as a cash crop or as a food. The sweet and mellow smell of chocolate really makes people feel more happy! Not only fills the stomach, but the soul is also satisfied; Coco is not only black gold, but also the soul forgets worry grass.

National Geographic Channel [Hakka Renaissance 2 Beautiful Liudui] Inspiration of water

Jiang'Jiang' means beautiful in the Hakka dialect. The new production of "Hakka Renaissance Season Two: Beautiful Six Piles" presents southern Taiwan and southern Taiwan from settlements and architecture, products and food, and industry continuity and innovation. There is an alluvial plain, which is the first area where Hakkas settled and reclaimed in Taiwan.

Liudui has a rich Hakka cultural and historical heritage. Through the restoration of traditional buildings, this episode will take the audience to understand the culture and beauty of Hakka architecture; and how water sources nourish Liudui and bring it prosperity. The cultural beauty and humanistic spirit of the Liudui Hakka settlement.

Get to know Liudui Yageyuan: Homestay, Food Farmer Education, Environmental Education

The organic park with more than 1.6 hectares is complete and clearly isolated, the environment is beautiful, and the water and soil are pure.
The organic farm is the essence, and the educational concept must be realized.
Responsibility for environmental protection, safe food is the mission.
There is good water and soil under Dawu Mountain, and Meiquan springs along the Wan'an Stream.
Wanluan pig's feet enjoy food and Wanjin Church has a nice view.

PTV: Our Island Episode 295 The Lychee Dream under Dawu Mountain

It’s already a fascinating story that a head of chemical industry switched to a farmer, but what’s more interesting is that he doesn’t understand agriculture and insists on organic planting. For organic planting, he still enters the research institute. What ideas exist between different identities, which makes people comparable. Curious, so I opened this interesting interview.

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