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​Taiwan Jinshi Coffee Leisure Farm

Phone: 08-7832558
Address: No. 1-58, Dongshan Road, Wanluan Township, Pingtung County
Business items: meals, coffee and other drinks
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The farm is located in Wanluan Township, Pingtung County. It is adjacent to the mountain road and at the intersection of the Dawu Mountain hiking pass. It is the only way for Dawu mountaineering activities such as hiking and cycling. Therefore, there are tourists who visit by car, but also ride heavy machines and bicycles. Of friends came here for a visit. And because nearly Wanjin Church, every million people in Pingtung during the Wanjin Christmas season, always attract many tourists to stop and rest.

"Coffee is a common language across the world." No matter how strangers, in a strange city, as long as a cup of coffee, people will open their hearts. "I like two world languages ​​the most, one is smile and the other is coffee. Both of them don’t need language, and they can quickly narrow the distance between each other and open each other’s hearts.” “Pingtung Dawushan Coffee lets the world know” is the best souvenir for Mr. Zhang Yaojing to connect emotions, and it’s right. Looking forward to the future. If you come to Pingtung, don't forget to visit here.

Hand Roasted Coffee DIY
Number of people in a group: 5 people Cost: 150 yuan/person Time: 20-40 minutes Content: Bake out your own unique taste 1~2 people in a group, from the baking process to packaging to make a hanging ear bag
Registration method: telephone appointment, Facebook private message

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