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Invite you to come and get to know Yanshan

The Yingda Leisure Farm, which is rich in bird ecology and prairie and forests along the mountain recreational agricultural zone, is a good place for camping and bird watching; Douqu Farm’s pineapples, coffee, and vine grapes allow you to eat all you can eat; Kaiyuan Farm has a healthy fragrance Lemon fruit tree; Michelin French quail breeding and delicious cuisine from Quail Garden Leisure Farm, and sweet exotic homestay carefully planned by Ada Aling for you-Darling's Homestay; delicious Dawushan high-quality alpine coffee from Jinshi Coffee Leisure Farm; The diverse fruit trees and ecology of the Qiankun Organic Ecological Leisure Farm, of course, as well as delicious organic seasonal fruits; come to the Sheep and Sheep Farm to taste goat milk and goat milk steamed buns and experience DIY; the original cuisine and experience of Dawushan Leisure Farm; sprinkle Farmhouse farming experience in Melon Orchard; happy taste and mysterious fruit enzyme in Gengxin Organic Botanical Garden; sweet honey from Jiaxing Honey Farm; healthy organic fruits and vegetables in Liudui Yageyuan Organic Education Farm; happiness taste of Keinshan Coco Manor Leisure Farm Cocoa chocolate; natural farming methods such as pineapple, papaya, banana, mango and other fruits of Wanglailiang Farm; Peyashi Country Homestay has a beautiful homestay hostess who loves to cook vegetables and grow trees; Xiaoyao Mountain Homestay is a restaurant with beautiful mountain views. The homestay, of course, is also indispensable for the special restaurant and cottage cuisine in front of the temple; La Dela Fan No. 2 and the unique art coffee, welcome you to enjoy the richness in the simple and ordinary, and welcome you to the leisure agricultural area along the mountain.


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